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Division II Strategic Plan Scorecards

In 2006, NCAA Division II developed a strategic positioning platform. This platform illuminates the division in a way that calls attention to its core values and guiding principles. Division II has used this platform to state more clearly the Division II student-athlete experience, to explain why schools choose to be Division II members, and to develop a proactive set of campus- and conference-based initiatives (e.g., community engagement, game environment, life in the balance) that promotes this identity.

Since the approval of the division's current strategic plan (2012-2015), attention has focused on aligning key Division II initiatives with the platform to help sustain it as a critical element to the division’s long-term success. The five strategic goals for Division II are listed below, along with scorecards of progress in meeting each of the goals. These scorecards are primarily meant to track performance of the different priorities and goals of the plan. The scorecards also constitute good tools in communicating the strategic plan within your institution, conference and community.

Goal One:
Academics and Life Skills
Goal Two:
Athletics Operations and Compliance

Goal One stresses the importance of promoting and honoring student-athlete success, protecting student-athlete well-being, developing positive societal attitudes through contributions to community, providing opportunities for student-athletes to have an active role in the governance process, and fostering partnerships to enhance the success of both student-athletes and the student body.

Goal Two emphasizes presidential commitment and involvement, leadership and professional development opportunities for athletics personnel, coaches and faculty, and commits conferences and institutions to effective, engaging and functioning compliance programs.

Goal Three:
Game Day and Conference and National Championships
Goal Four:
Membership and Positioning Initiatives

Goal Three emphasizes the need to promote and enhance a quality student-athlete experience in Division II athletics competition and conference and national championships and to ensure game environments are competitive, safe, positive, respectful and entertaining.

Goal Four supports a commitment to fiscal responsibility and to the allocation of athletics funds and resources consistent with the identity of Division II. Additionally, Goal Four emphasizes the importance of attracting and retaining members that support the strategic position and philosophy of Division II intercollegiate athletics; promoting the Division II identity through collaborative partnerships and relationships; and strengthening the public’s knowledge and appreciation for Division II.

Goal Five:
Diversity and Inclusion

Goal Five supports the importance, value, benefits and role of diversity and inclusion in higher education and intercollegiate athletics