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Division II Membership Fund FAQs

1. What are some examples of projects/activities that would be funded?

  • Hiring of consultants to assess existing and potential future members for a conference in an attempt to stabilize the conference and NCAA Division II membership.
  • Conducting sessions/meetings to encourage new membership and membership retention.
  • Development of recruitment programs, recruitment tools and/or plans.
  • Conducting orientation sessions for new conference institutions.
  • Costs associated with the development of conference-specific strategic plans.
  • Conducting follow-up visits by conference members (e.g., president, commissioner, director of athletics, faculty) to member institutions in the membership process to assess schools' readiness to be a conference member.

2. What are some examples of projects or activities that would not be funded?

  • Funding for regular season travel.
  • Funding to support a school in the Division II membership process (e.g., application fee).
  • Funding for post-season competition or events.
  • Funding for institutional staff to attend conference meetings.
  • Funding to create new sports or support existing sports.
  • Funding to build new facilities or enhance facilities.
  • Funding for salaries.

3. Who serves as members of the NCAA Division II Membership Fund Selection Committee?

The Membership Fund Selection Committee is composed of seven members (three former members of the NCAA Division II Presidents Council, two former members of the NCAA Division II Management Council, NCAA Division II Membership Committee or NCAA Division II Championships Committee, one member of the Championships Committee and one member of the Membership Committee) and reviews all funding request applications and makes determinations regarding the allocation of dollars from the membership fund.  Decisions by the Membership Fund Selection Committee are final.

4. When are applications for the request of dollars due?

Applications are due and accepted one time per year.  For 2014, applications must be received not later than September 30 to be considered in December by the Selection Committee.

5. When am I required to submit a report outlining the uses of the membership fund dollars?

If the Membership Fund Selection Committee approves your request for membership fund dollars, the Selection Committee will note in your acceptance letter (or in a later correspondence ) the due date of your report based on the timeline you submit for your project/activity. Due dates will fluctuate as not all projects/activities will occur at the same time.

6. What must the allocation request for funds include?

  • The total request for dollars from the Division II membership fund.
  • An itemized allocation request showing expenses rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • An indication of whether the dollars are considered seed money or matching grant dollars.
  • A detailed description of any financial resources/cost sharing that will be spent by the institution/conference/organization.