Division II Membership Fund


The NCAA Division II Membership Fund was an outcome of the 2007 NCAA Division II Chancellors and Presidents Summit, during which the presidents determined the need for resources to retain current active institutions and help attract new schools or conferences to the division.  The Membership Fund is overseen by the NCAA Division II Planning and Finance Committee and is an annual line item in the Division II budget.

Requests for dollars from the Membership Fund shall include statements of rationale that demonstrate a commitment to benefit Division II.  Priority will be given to those requests that have a greater impact on the division as a whole.  Requests shall support at least one of the following categories:

  • New Member Development
  • Current Member Stabilization
  • Member Loss Prevention

Membership Fund Application Timeline

September 30, 2013 Deadline for requests.
December 2013 Notification to applicants of the decision by the Membership Fund Selection Committee.
December 2013/January 2014 Checks disbursed.

Membership Fund Administration Information

The NCAA Division II Membership Fund Selection Committee has the authority to approve or deny requests and also may issue certain parameter(s) and/or requirement(s) when approving a request.

Requests for dollars from the Membership Fund shall be for “seed” money or matching grant dollars.  The Membership Fund dollars shall not be used as an annual supplement of dollars or to subsidize costs required of being a member of Division II or the NCAA.

Entities that receive dollars from the Membership Fund shall be required to submit a report outlining expenditures and uses of the fund dollars to the Membership Fund Selection Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Division II Membership Fund Application

DII Member Fund Guiding Principles

Project/Activity Evaluation and Report

Division II Membership Fund Key Contacts

Terri Steeb-Gronau, vice-president for Division II, tsteeb@ncaa.org

Maritza Jones, director of Division II, msjones@ncaa.org