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Division I Institutional Performance Program Resources


Resources and Corresponding Operating Principle

Operating Principle 1.1

Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities(AGB) Statement

Operating Principle 1.2

Collegiate Commissioners Association Compliance Administrators (CCACA) Rules Compliance Guide

Operating Principle 2.2

Academic Support Services Evaluation Guide
Operating Principle 3.1

Gender Equity in Intercollegiate Athletics A Practical Guide for Colleges and Universities

NCAA Gender Equity Homepage 

NCAA Title IX Resource Center 

NCAA Gender Equity Planning Best Practices

Operating Principle 3.2

Enhancing Diversity in Intercollegiate Athletics

NCAA Best Practices: Achieving Excellence Through Diversity and Inclusion  

Diversity in Athletics: An Assessment of Exemplars and Institutional Best Practices

Operating Principle 3.3

National Transportation Safety Board Guidelines

Financial Aid Hearing Opportunities Best Practices


For more information regarding the Institutional Performance Program, please contact academic and membership affairs 
at the NCAA national office 317/917-6222.