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Division I 20/8-Hour Rule Materials

Several years ago, a working group composed of individuals from Division I member institutions and conferences was charged with developing ways to enhance the educational and monitoring efforts surrounding the time limitations on athletically related activities in which student-athletes participate.  The group created several documents intended to be used together as part of an overall educational program.  The documents on this page are the result of those efforts and have been updated to include current legislation effective in May 2009.  The documents include reference charts, a comprehensive rules-education session agenda, teaching points and an accompanying PowerPoint for the education session and strategies for monitoring daily and weekly hour limitations.

The documents may be used as a template to tailor educational efforts to each institution’s needs.  Each institution is strongly encouraged to post the reference charts in locker rooms, training rooms, student-athlete handbooks and other locations a student-athlete may frequent or publications a student-athlete may read. 

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