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DiSC Behavioral Assessments

DiSC assessment reports are important resources that some schools and conference offices use to learn more about themselves as individuals and as teams; their strengths and challenges; and their behavioral styles.

Everything DiSC Workplace

The DiSC Workplace Assessment is available to coaches, administrators and student-athletes. It aids participants, regardless of their role or title, with understanding their individual behavioral styles and preferences in relation to those with whom they conduct business. This assessment provides an overview of individual behavioral styles and preferences, a common language when addressing these topics and methods to better relate to others. It also provides additional strategies to build more effective relationships within the workplace and athletic setting.

Sample Everything DiSC Workplace Report

How to Order DiSC Assessments

For Division I and II Institutions: DiSC assessments can be an important measuring tool for teams and athletics staff members. As such, the leadership development department has arranged for the DiSC assessments to now be offered through an external consultant at a cost of $49.67 per person for DiSC 2.0 or for Workplace DiSC. Division I and II member schools/conferences and staff will work directly through an external consultant to receive the DiSC assessment materials.

To purchase DiSC assessments using the NCAA affiliate discount code, you must order through ( or use the discount code “NCAADISC” at checkout.

For Division III Institutions: NCAA Division III DiSC assessments will continue through the leadership development department, in conjunction with Division III governance. Division III institutions and conference offices will be able to continue to request DiSC behavioral assessments for student-athletes and athletics staff at no cost. If you are interested in a DiSC workshop, please email and include the date of the desired workshop, the target audience (student-athletes, coaches or administrators), the number of participants and whether you’ll need a facilitator.

For all Divisions: The NCAA leadership development department will continue to provide schools and conference offices with facilitation leaders who can come to your campus to conduct workshops that will assist with understanding and interpreting your participants DiSC results and to answer any questions. The leadership development office will cover travel expenses for DiSC facilitation leaders who are requested for campus visits.

If your DiSC session requires a facilitator, please email with information about your desired workshop.

Should you have additional questions for the national office, please contact DeeDee Merritt  ( for more information or call (317)-917-6697.

NOTE: We will not be accepting DiSC requests during December 16th through the 27th due to the winter break. You may resubmit your DiSC workshop request beginning on Monday, January 27th, 2019. Due to the nature of the DiSC assessment request process, the earliest you can host a workshop will be Monday, February 24th, 2019.

If you have any questions regarding the moratorium, please contact