Division III

Special Olympics Spotlight Winner – July

SUNY Canton – the story of Trudy Davis.  SUNY Canton is the July Special Olympics Spotlight poll winner after it created a video that details the story of one Special Olympian.  It follows her story of why she plays basketball and what it truly means to be a teammate.  Finally, it details the involvement and impact on the SUNY Canton athletics department and, in particular, the basketball teams.  

Diversity Spotlight Recipient - July

The Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) is the recipient of the July Division III Diversity Spotlight Initiative for its Mentoring Program for Aspiring Administrators.  The MIAC’s mentoring program for female administrators and coaches began in 2014 with a mentor-mentee based interaction focused on facilitating conversations between seasoned athletics administrators and their less experienced colleagues with the intent to foster a supportive space for their career in athletics administration.  Throughout the academic year, each pairing (e.g. mentor and mentee) connected in-person or over the phone to discuss predetermined topics such as effective communication strategies, fundraising, and challenges female athletic administrators face.  Participants have raved about the program.  Click here for the full story.

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