Transfer Rate Averages and Trends

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Tracking transfer in Division I Men’s Basketball

Many of today’s college graduates transfer at some point on their way to a degree. Among student-athletes this may be most visible in Division I men’s basketball.

Prevalence of Graduate Transfer in Division I

Division I student-athletes are earning their undergraduate degrees in record numbers and doing it more quickly than ever.

High School and Club Participation of NCAA Student-Athletes

Did NCAA Student-Athletes Compete on High School or Club Teams? Where Do NCAA Division I High School Recruits Come From?

APR Averages and Trends

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Bodies in Motion: An Evaluation of a Program to Support Positive Body Image in Female Collegiate Athletes

Bodies-in-Motion is an evidence-based program that combines effective components of traditional interventions with a contemporary mindful self-compassion approach to promote healthy body image, eating behaviors, and overall well-being in...

Moving On!: Next Steps for Promoting the Long-Term Health and Well-Being of Student-Athletes

Programs promoting lifestyle physical activity and healthy nutrition among student-athletes are rare despite the potential physical and psychosocial consequences of transitioning out of collegiate sport. To address this critical gap, our...


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