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Success on the field, in the classroom and in life is at the heart of our mission. At the NCAA, we support learning through sports by integrating athletics and higher education to enrich the college experience of student-athletes.

Inside the NCAA Videos

Inside the NCAA is a monthly show that reviews the headlines from the national office that impacted the Association, as well as looking ahead for what events will take place. Inside the NCAA Videos on YouTube

Autonomy schools adopt cost of attendance scholarships

Division I schools can give their athletes the full cost of attendance as part of a full scholarship beginning Aug. 1, and those scholarships can’t be cancelled for athletics performances or injury.

2015 NCAA State of the Association

MARK EMMERT: We have an opportunity and obligation and challenge to lead college sports in easily one of its most important moments in history. I believe, and many of you do as well, that the next three or four years are going to be...

NCAA Content Request Form

If you would like to feature the NCAA logo, or any of its brand features or other content (e.g., an NCAA championship event, excerpt from an NCAA publication or manual) in a commercial, TV show, film, or publication, please complete and...

Media Inquiries

For assistance gathering information on NCAA-related topics, media members are encouraged to use the following automated forms. Due to the high volume of inquiries, the NCAA public and media relations staff cannot guarantee a response to...

Sports Wagering Inquiry

Additional information regarding sports wagering may be found at: NCAA Sports Wagering Page

Rules Inquiry

Additional information regarding NCAA rules may be found at: Administrative Rules (Bylaws) Download NCAA Manuals (Administrative Rules) Playing Rules


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