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Frequently asked questions for future student-athletes

My home schooled student takes college courses. Can they be used in meeting the core-course requirements, and will taking college coursework affect the student’s eligibility?



College courses must be in the core academic areas, they must be college-level courses and the student must receive a grade and high school credit in order to be used to meet the core requirements. The home school transcript must clearly designate college coursework. The college or university's name and location (city/state) must also be included. The NCAA Eligibility Center cannot accept audited or CLEP course work. It is extremely important that the student does not participate in sports for that college.


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My student’s home school coursework is on another school’s transcript (e.g., public or private high school). Will that be sufficient?



The NCAA Eligibility Center must have the original source of courses, grades and credits. If the student was home schooled and also attended another public or private high school, the student would need to submit both a home school transcript and a public or private school transcript, which should be sent directly from school. The Administrator and Accordance Statement form and Core-course Worksheet for those courses completed through home schooling would be required as well.


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Where do I find information about how the NCAA Eligibility Center handles home schooling?



Please refer to the Home School Toolkit. There, you will find the following along with other helpful information: 

  • Home School Checklist – This checklist highlights what a home schooled student needs to provide to the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure it has everything needed to process the student’s file.
  • Home School Transcript Example – An example of a home school transcript and all the information it needs to contain.
  • Home School Core-Course Worksheet – Use this form to indicate which core courses were taken through home schooling.

NOTE: Only courses in the areas of English, math, natural or physical science, social science, foreign language and nondoctrinal religion/philosophy need to be supplied. Please review the Core-Course Worksheet Instructions before completing this form.


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Some coaches who are recruiting me are afraid that I won't get approved as a qualifier as a home school student. What can I do to assure them I am taking all the right courses?



Work with your parents or home school instructor to ensure that you are indeed taking the required number of core courses in the appropriate subjects. You should provide the NCAA college or university a copy of your home school transcript(s) and ACT/SAT scores. For more information on DI academic requirements, click here.


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Can a course designated for students with an education-impacting disability (EID) be used for NCAA initial-eligibility purposes?



In order for courses designated for students with EIDs to be approved, the course must be substantially comparable (qualitatively and quantitatively) as a regular core course offered in that academic area, and must appear on the high school's List of NCAA Courses.


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When should a student submit his or her education-impacting disability (EID) information to the NCAA?



Disability documentation needs to be submitted to the NCAA only if a student with an EID would like to use additional core courses taken after on-time high school graduation to satisfy Division I initial-eligibility requirements. The student should submit his or her disability documentation to NCAA EID services and include the following information:

  1. Current, signed documentation of the diagnosis (including test data) and/or recommendations from the treating professional (e.g., medical doctor, clinical psychologist or other qualified individual).
  2. Current copy of the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan. If the high school did not provide an IEP or 504 Plan, the high school must submit documentation describing the accommodations that were available to the student, or an explanation as to why accommodations were not provided.  
  3. A cover sheet with the student's NCAA identification number (NCAA ID), high school graduation year, permanent address and phone number should be included with the documentation listed above.
  4. An individual (e.g., parent or guardian) who wishes to discuss a student-athlete's EID services request must be listed on the Buckley statement, a form signed by the student. This form should be included with the submission of the documentation listed above. 


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How do I contact the NCAA Eligibility Center's international academic certification staff?



Many questions regarding international student-athletes can be answered on NCAA.org or found in the International Guide. The NCAA Eligibility Center's international customer service can be reached via the NCAA Eligibility Center International Contact Form found here.

For information on how and where to submit documents, click here.


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