Future FAQs

Frequently asked questions for future student-athletes

How can I correct a spelling error in my name at the time of registration? What if my name has changed after registration (due to adoption, marriage, divorce, etc.)?

Answer: To change the spelling of your name or update your name completely, log in to your account at eligibilitycenter.org , select Change My Account Information, then scroll down and click on Continue. In this Basic Information section...

Can I register for multiple sports?

Answer: Yes! A student can fill out the amateurism questionnaire for multiple sports during registration, and can also add additional sports after the registration is complete. Report the sport(s) you are really interested in pursuing...

How do I know what division my school is in?

Answer: If you are not sure which division the school that is recruiting you is in, please use our online search feature: http://www.ncaa.org/about/who-we-are/search-school . 236

What is the difference between a Certification Account and Profile Page?

Answer: We developed two different account types to help prospective student-athletes make the best decision about their college sports experience. Certification Account: You need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete...

Who is my home school administrator?

Answer: Your home school administrator is the person or organization who organized, taught and evaluated your home school coursework. 234

What phone number should I use when I register?

Answer: If your mobile phone is your primary phone, enter the number in that category. Please also enter the number again in the "Mobile Phone" category to help our staff reach you if needed. If your mobile phone is not your primary phone...

How will my score from the redesigned SAT be used toward my certification?

Answer: If you took the SAT before March 2016 and then take the redesigned SAT at a later date, the NCAA Eligibility Center will not combine section scores from the former and redesigned SAT when determining your initial eligibility. We...

What does my eligibility status mean?

Answer: Once you have completed your registration for a Certification Account, on the NCAA Eligibility Center website, you will begin to see different status notifications on your Dashboard under each sport you have selected. Click here to...

What is a monetary award?

Answer: Monetary awards include prize money, bonus money, incentive money, vouchers or gift certificates. Trophies, medals and ribbons are not considered monetary awards.

What does it mean to receive money from a team/club?

Answer: This includes, but is not limited to: salary, bonus, stipend, allowance, expense reimbursement and scholarship.


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