Fan of the Century

At age 99, Paul Morrison has an encyclopedic memory of Drake athletics.

Off to a Good Start

Janine Kuwahara came to the U.S. not knowing what to expect from life as a college athlete.

Having a Field Day

The day Michael Burns returned to baseball, he wasn’t sure he was healthy enough.

Born To Lead

If you would have told Bob Shillinglaw that he would be a college men’s lacrosse coach for 42 years, it wouldn’t have surprised him.

Learning To Lead

The multifaceted roles of an athletics director are nothing new to Brad Duckworth.

Side Out

It was difficult for Dave Shoji to pick his most rewarding moment from his 42 years of coaching Hawaii women’s volleyball.

DII Through and Through

Even in retirement, Deborah Chin’s desire to help Division II succeed will shine through.

Toughness, Redefined

How two hockey players made mental health OK to talk about in college sports – and why your athletics department should, too.

A Masterful Debut

Toto Gana’s first semester of college has not exactly been par for the course. This week, the Lynn freshman will be at Augusta National Golf Club for the 81st edition of the Masters Tournament.

Straight Shooter

When Mindy Miles’ rifle inadvertently fired at the 2016 NCAA championships, she didn’t hesitate to call a penalty on herself.


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