Forward Thinking

Champion recently reached out to Presidential Forum chair Kay Norton to ask her to explain the group’s goals.

Maintaining Momentum

The NCAA Board of Governors approved the formation of a permanent subcommittee to address issues of diversity and inclusion in hiring practices.

Talking Openly

Last year, representatives from the Division III Commissioners Association met with the Division III Presidents Council to raise an issue.

Connecting the Coaches

With more than 3,700 people serving as head coaches, the coaching constituency is far and away the largest group in Division II other than student-athletes.

Joining the Discussion

The evolving management of three highly visible sports in the new Division I governance structure is starting to become clearer.

Give a Little RESPECT

Simple acts of good sportsmanship are key to the success of college sports.

Simpler Is Better

Flip halfway through Division II’s rules manual and you’ll find a chapter that has drawn more questions and confusion than most legislation.

Investing in the Future

NCAA research data show only 29 percent of Division III athletics directors are female, and a mere 6 percent are ethnic minorities.

Caring, No Matter the Cost

While athletic trainer Troy Banse says will work tirelessly to adhere to new health and safety recommendations, he warns that change at schools with limited resources and small staffs won’t happen instantly.

Talking Among Themselves

Nine years ago, Jason Sobolik stepped into an athletics compliance environment that felt drastically different from the one he knows today.


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