Keeping Their Balance

At a Division II meeting during the summer attended by conference commissioners, university presidents and student-athletes, a volleyball player shared a concern that reverberated through the room.

A Decade in the Making

Ten years ago, the NCAA relocated millions of paper files — piled high in an Iowa warehouse — to Indianapolis.

Game Day the DIII Way

Division III sporting events may soon have a Disney touch.

Group Participation

A new task force in Division II is looking to boost awareness of a long-standing NCAA data-collection program.

Service Break

New Division I rules designed to encourage student-athletes to participate in study-abroad programs will take effect in August.

Two-a-Day Q&A

This spring, all three divisions adopted legislation that ended the long-standing tradition of two-a-day contact practices.

Spelling It Out

Division III may soon update legislation relevant to academic misconduct, emulating recent changes made by Divisions I and II.

Critical Thinking

One Division II bylaw. Thirty pages of rules. Thirty minutes. Go.

More Than Football

Most college athletes will go pro in something other than sports, but what about those talented enough to play professionally?

Blueprint Behind the Promise

Two-thirds of NCAA campus and conference leaders have pledged their commitment to promoting diversity and gender equity in college athletics.


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