For All the Right Regions

Regionalization is a principle on which Division II has thrived for years.

Keep Up the Momentum

By the time you read this column, the latest evolution in college sports may have already taken place.

A Focus on What Matters

College sports provoke so much passion in our country, and even college presidents are not immune to the thrill of game day.

The American Way

The topic of NCAA President Mark Emmert’s speech in Rijeka, Croatia, was familiar: challenges facing college sports in America.

Commitment to Inclusion

For a little more than a year, the Division III Diversity and Inclusion Working Group has reviewed critical issues related to the lack of ethnic and gender diversity within Division III athletics.

A Solid Spot to Stand

Sometimes, the home run isn’t necessary. All that’s needed is a well-placed hit to drive in the winning score.

We’re all ears

Champion spreads the message of college sports with its new podcast.

Just Like Family

After this past fall’s events in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Kevin Trainor can’t help but find himself drawn to a university, an athletics program and a family hurting from yet another incomprehensible tragedy.

An honest appraisal can change course of student-athletes

Growing up in rural South Carolina, sports were always an integral part of my life. This inclination followed me into my days as a young man, when I dreamed of one day becoming an NBA player and emulating Jo Jo White of the Boston Celtics. Then, I met Dr. Elizabeth Bethel.

The Voice They Found Was Never Lost

The football program’s black athletes felt it was time to take a stand. They were upset about discriminatory treatment and threatened to boycott. Their voices were joined by others on campus, amplifying the protest. Soon, sweeping changes came to the university, improving staff diversity and promoting inclusive values.


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