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What is APR?

Implemented in 2003 as part of an ambitious academic reform effort, the Academic Progress Rate holds schools accountable for the academic progress of student-athletes through a team-based metric.

The Science of Safety: A Look at the Future of Concussion

Over the last decade, concussions have dominated the sports injury discussion, regardless of sport. At every level of all contact sports, coaches, players, administrators and parents are educating themselves about head injuries and exploring new ways to identify how concussions affect the brain.

Navigating Through Division II

The NCAA is a complex organization, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. The resources provided here help explain the Association and how to operate effectively as a member of Division II. These materials are particularly helpful in navigating membership-related and legislative aspects of athletics administration in Division II.

AASP Past Grant Recipients

Comprehensive Multiyear Grant Class 1 California State, Northridge $ 900,000* Coppin State University $ 900,000 Jackson State University $ 900,000 Morehead State University $ 540,000 Norfolk State University $ 615,000 Tennessee State...

Jackson State University Head Baseball Coach Omar Johnson

Coach Omar Johnson was the key piece in shifting the academic culture and athletic success of Jackson State’s baseball team. His leadership and courage to change his recruiting philosophy paid off and has led to his student-athletes...

Coppin State's Christina Epps

Christina Epps, a standout graduate of Morristown High School in New Jersey, attended Coppin State on a track scholarship from 2009 to 2014 and majored in psychology. During college, Epps suffered an ACL injury, but through sheer...

Norfolk State University Men’s Track and Field Team

In 2013-14, the Norfolk State University men’s track and field team was banned for the postseason. The school was awarded an AASP grant, and the academic enhancements made as part of the grant were instrumental in shifting the culture of...

NCAA Limited-Resource Institutions Directors of Athletics Task Force

The mission of the Limited-Resource Institutions Directors of Athletics Task Force is to develop a sense of community among participating ADs, encouraging them to: Discuss what student-athlete academic success means and strategies to...

HBCU and Limited-Resource Institutions Academic Advisory Group

The Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Limited-Resource Institutions Academic Advisory Group provides advice and feedback regarding the standards, penalties, policies and procedures recommended by the NCAA Division I...


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