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Division III Subcommittee for Legislative Relief Blanket Waivers

The NCAA Division III Management Council Subcommittee for Legislative Relief (SLR, formerly ARS) may issue a blanket waiver in order to temporarily provide relief from NCAA legislation for specific extenuating circumstances that have a reasonably demonstrated widespread impact.  Please note that the following summary of waivers is for a specific division (Division III), a specific time period and for a specific set of circumstances.  If the waiver circumstances and the time period of the waiver apply, submission of a separate waiver application is not necessary.  If an institution, conference or committee's circumstances do not meet the requirements of, or are dissimilar to, the blanket waiver, a Legislative Relief waiver application will need to be filed with the NCAA staff.

Football Preseason Practice Blanket Waiver Approved March 6, 2018.

For the 2018 football season, the Division III Administrative Committee approved a blanket waiver to allow: (1) Athletically related activities during the administrative day and a half; (2) The use of footballs during walk-through sessions after the acclimatization period; and (3) The flexibility to extend the walk-through sessions when contact practice on that same day is shorter than three hours (not to exceed four hours in length). This waiver does not permit institutions to provide expenses to football student-athletes earlier than is already permitted. If an institution engages in an on-field activity, then that activity would have to comply with the acclimatization requirements (Bylaw

In granting the waiver, the committee considered the following:

  • Recent legislative changes to discontinue traditional two-a-day contact practices as well as The Interassociation Consensus Recommendations on Year-Round Football Practice Contact for College Student-Athletes to provide one day off per week, results in potential lost practice opportunities;
  • Permitting use of a football during walk-through sessions after the five-day acclimatization period is not contrary to the Recommendations;
  • Allowing institutions to conduct athletically related activity on the first day institutions are permitted to provide preseason expenses provides institutions the opportunity to engage in up to two additional practices to accommodate, in part, for lost practices due to implementing the Recommendations;
  • Since legislation currently allows institutions to provide expenses on these two days, the waiver provides additional practice opportunities while minimizing the financial impact on Division III institutions;
  • This waiver is permissive, and institutions are not required to engage in athletically related activity earlier than what is currently permissible; and
  • The Division III governance structure will assess potential legislative changes for consideration at the 2019 NCAA Convention.

See Case No. 1003613 in Requests/Self-Reports Online via the search tab. Questions and answers regarding 2018 preseason football can be found under Division III Waivers and Reinstatement on the Division III Compliance page. Additional information regarding blanket waivers can be found on the Legislative Relief Waivers homepage.

[Reference: NCAA Division III Bylaws 17.1.2 (general regulations for computing playing seasons) and (first practice date) (preseason activities after five-day acclimatization period) and (exception—walk-through sessions)]

International Ice Hockey Pilot Blanket Waiver Approved January 17, 2018.

International ice hockey student-athletes will receive relief from the general amateurism and eligibility form for international and select student-athletes.

For the 2018-19 academic year, international ice hockey student-athletes will require the completion of a participation history through the NCAA Eligibility Center. Additionally, student-athletes that are part of the pilot may practice, but not compete pending receipt of the participation review.

In granting this request, the NCAA Division III Presidents Council noted:

  • Funding has been approved for a one-year pilot in which the NCAA Eligibility Center will review the participation history of all Division III international first-year ice hockey student-athletes;
  • The participation review conducted by the NCAA Eligibility Center replaces the general amateurism and eligibility form;
  • Institutions are still required to certify the eligibility of international ice hockey student-athletes participating in the pilot; and
  • The request was granted based on student-athlete well-being and institutional difficulty in certifying international student-athletes due to language barriers and unfamiliar educational systems.

See Case No. 999185 in Requests/Self-Reports Online via the search tab. Additional information regarding blanket waivers can be found on the Legislative Relief Waivers homepage.

[References: NCAA Division III Bylaws 14.1.5 (International Student-Athlete Form) and (Eligibility Form)].