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Division II Committee for Legislative Relief Blanket Waiver

The NCAA Division II Committee for Legislative Relief (CLR, formerly ARS) may issue a blanket waiver in order to temporarily provide relief from NCAA legislation for specific extenuating circumstances that have a reasonably demonstrated widespread impact.  Please note that the following summary of waivers is for a specific division (Division II), a specific time period and for a specific set of circumstances.  If the waiver circumstances and the time period of the waiver apply, submission of a separate waiver application is not necessary.  If an institution, conference or committee's circumstances do not meet the requirements of, or are dissimilar to, the blanket waiver, a Legislative Relief waiver application will need to be filed with the NCAA staff.

NCAA Division II Committee for Legislative Relief Approves Blanket Waiver for NCAA Bylaws 17.1.7 (general regulations for computing playing seasons applicable to all sports), (maximum limitations – institutional) and (maximum limitations – student-athlete).  May 9, 2013:  The NCAA Division II Committee for Legislative Relief approved with conditions a blanket waiver to extend the playing and practice season to permit Division II men's and women's golf programs who have not been selected to the NCAA Division II Golf Championship to participate in the PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship, May 10-12, 2013.  The committee noted this is a one-time waiver and future similar requests may be denied.  The committee based its decision on student-athlete well-being and noted this is a unique opportunity for institutions and student-athletes to assist with growing the sport among ethnic minority communities.  The committee also noted the timing of when this issue was discovered.  Further, the committee noted relief was provided for this event during the 2011-12 academic year.  Finally, the committee noted this issue will be reviewed by the NCAA Division II Men's and Women's Golf Committees to propose legislation to permit participation in this event in the future.  See Case No. 361125 in AMA Online via the search tab.