Progress-Toward-Degree Waivers


Two-Year Transfer Waivers


AMA Online Case Management System: Student-Athlete Academic Waiver Submission Process


NCAA member institutions, conferences and committees/subcommittees may apply for a student-athlete academic waiver when no other committee/subcommittee has the authority to waive specific NCAA legislation for extenuating/extraordinary circumstances.

Instructions To Submit an Application for a Student-Athlete Academic Waiver Through AMA Online.

1.  On the menu bar above, click on the My Apps link.

2.  Login to the NCAA Applications Authentication Service using your credentials.

3.  In the My Applications tab, click on AMA Online*.

4.  Click on the Request a Waiver or Reinstatement Tab.

5.  Select from the drop-down menu to begin a request.

6.  If you have questions or have trouble with submission of your waiver request, please send an email with your issue to  Please provide the case number in your email.

*If AMA Online does not appear on the My Applications tab, contact your institutional Single-Source Sign-On administrator to have the application added to your privileges.