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Championships Travel Information

NCAA Championship Travel Policies and Quick Reference Guides

Travel Policies:

Travel Reimbursement Site and Mileage Calculator

The Travel Expense System (TES) allows travelers attending NCAA meetings and championship participants to file their requests for per diem and travel expense reimbursement electronically. Training materials demonstrating how to use the system are located at the bottom of the page.

NCAA Travel Contact Information

NCAA Travel Department Short's Travel Go Ground
Phone: 317/917-6757 Phone: 866/655-9215 Phone: 866/386-4951
Email: Email: Portal:
Juanita Sheely - Director of Travel and Insurance
Melissa Piening - Assistant Director of Travel and Insurance
Carol Roland - Travel and Insurance Coordinator
Kris Fratzke - Director
Brenda Hagen - Manager
Bill Maulsby - President
Whitney Marie - Director

Direct Deposit

The NCAA offers payments to institutions or individuals electronically. This allows payments to be directly deposited into your preferred bank account and can reduce the time it takes payment to arrive by as much as 7 business days. If you would like payment to be sent electronically, please click the link above to access the request form. Please note, the request form must be accompanied by a cancelled check. We are unable to process your request using deposit slips.

Training Materials

Meeting Travelers

Championship Participants