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NCAA Media Coordination and Statistics Advisory Boards

In an effort to help the NCAA Media Coordination and Statistics Staff maintain a continuous dialogue, the media coordination and statistics advisory boards were created to be made up of school and conference CoSIDA members from all divisions and spread throughout the country.

The board provides insight on what the SIDs face on a daily basis, as it relates to NCAA statistics and helps consider statistics policies issues. The board consists of a school SID and conference SID from Division I (FBS), Division I (FCS and non-football), Division II, and Division III. Additionally, one at-large member of the Statistics Advisory Board will be chosen by the CoSIDA Board of Directors.

While members of the NCAA Media Coordination and Statistics staff remain available and welcome any thoughts or ideas you may have, the advisory boards are a link to the SIDs and our department. Please feel free to use the members of these boards as another resource.