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NCAA Official Equipment Suppliers

Updated January 25, 2017

AAI Gymnastics Mats/Podium N/A 8/31/2022 Steve Cook 270/393-5533
Competitor Swim Lanes and Flags N/A 8/31/2018 Brad Underwood 800/888-7946
Connor Sport Court Flooring for Division I Men's and Women's Basketball, Division I Women's Volleyball and National Collegiate Men's Volleyball Wood and Sport Court 8/31/2020 Andrew Campbell
Danny Lahr
Fiskars Official Scissors of Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Lacrosse 9.5 Titanium 8/31/2018 Jay Gillespie 608/294-4687
Gill Athletics Track & Field Equipment N/A 8/31/2021 Mike Cunningham 800/637-3090
Honig's Whistle Stop Officials Apparel N/A 8/31/2018 Dick Honig 800/468-3284
Hillyard Basketball Floor Mops N/A 8/31/2019 Matt Johnston 800/365-1555 x8362
Kap 7 Water Polo Ball HydroGrip 8/31/2020 Brad Schumacher 949/874-2265
Molten Indoor Volleyball Men’s(V5M5000-3N) Women’s(IV58L-N) 8/31/2021 Melissa Dawson 800/477-1994 x108
Penn Monto Field Hockey Ball Elite Turf Ball 8/31/2020 Carol Anderson 800/992-7479
Rawlings Baseball Low Seam -FSR1NCAA 8/31/2021 Mark Kraemer 314/819-2716
Rawlings Softball NC12L 8/31/2021 Mark Kraemer 314/819-2716
Resilite Wrestling Mats N/A 8/31/2019 Paul Gilbert 570/473-3529
Spalding Backboards Backboards for Division I Basketball Spalding A10S & Spalding A10e 8/31/2021 John Salay
Ruey Peck
800/435-3865 ext.2406
Spec Seats, Inc. Bench chairs for select NCAA Championships ABS700 & PS100 8/31/2020 Jordan Hergott 847/679-1742
Sports Imports Volleyball Netting Systems for Indoor and Beach Carbon Pole Netting System 8/31/2021 Rob Ebright 800/556-3198
STX Hockey Hockey Pucks N/A 8/31/2018 Matt Hoppe 410/454-0116
STX Lacrosse Lacrosse Balls and Goals N/A 8/31/2022 Cody Hornung 410/783-3473
Tanita Wrestling Scales N/A 8/31/2019 Keith Erickson 847/434-3989
Titleist Golf Ball (Practice) PRO V1/PRO V1X 8/31/2019 Jim Ahern 800/225-8500
Wilson Basketball Solution 8/31/2023 Mike Kuehne 773/714-6891
Wilson Beach Volleyball WTH5100 8/31/2018 Mike Kuehne 773/714-6891
Wilson Football GST 12/31/2023 Mike Kuehne 773/714-6891
Wilson Soccer Ball Forte Fybrid II 8/31/2023 Mike Kuehne 773/714-6891
Wilson Tennis Ball WRT1071 US OPEN EXTRA DUTY BALL 8/31/2019 Timothy Buwick 704/641-3309