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Creating Your Women’s Basketball Plan

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As we continue to talk about telling our stories, today’s webinar provided a “plot” that we can all contribute to … the 35th Anniversary of the Women’s Basketball Championship for all three divisions.  Some of the ideas included:

  • Finding the top 35 people in your community under the age of 35
  • 35 new things fans can expect at women’s basketball this year (this is an opportunity to highlight the rule changes)
  • 35 inspirational quotes from the team and fans
  • The first 35 people to purchase tickets on a certain day will receive a VIP experience, discounted concessions, etc.
  • 80s or 90s theme night promotions
  • Voting on the top 35 women’s basketball halftime acts
  • Voting on the top 35 women’s basketball pep bands
  • Voting on the best tournament teams from your school/conference

There are some great opportunities to come together with some fun ideas that could garner attention in the media and social media.  Be sure to share your ideas on the blog or in the WBB Facebook group.  The power point for today’s webinar is also in the WBB Facebook group.