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A Putter Like No Other

Laurel Enstrom is hopeful that her putter will be approved by the USGA. ST. CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITY PHOTOS

St. Cloud State senior Laurel Enstrom first picked up a golf club when she was a high school freshman. Instantly, she loved the game. That same year, she went to an engineering camp — and loved that, too.

Enstrom chose St. Cloud State partly because she saw in its mechanical engineering major a way to combine both her passions. A manufacturing processes course last year challenged her to design and produce her own mechanical marvel. It was time to put her dream to the test.

Ambidextrous, Enstrom wanted a putter she could use right- or left-handed, so she carved a putter mold from Styrofoam. She collected aluminum, which she melted and poured into the mold. She crafted the shaft from recycled steel.

Enstrom, who qualified for the Division II regionals in women’s golf last year, uses the putter at practice and is seeking U.S. Golf Association permission to carry it in her bag during competition.

She hopes her next step is an internship with a golf equipment company. But she has a Plan B. “I’ll look at starting my own company,” she says. “With engineering, anything’s possible.”