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A Promising Pipeline

A Brooklyn high school and a DII conference have come to rely on each other

By Luis Ulloa Rodriguez

Frank Williams, vice president for enrollment management at Daemen, met with students in March from the High School of Sports Management in Brooklyn, New York, to discuss life in college athletics administration. High School Of Sports Management photo

A simple meeting at dinner led to an annual event that is altering the course of young lives.

Two years ago, some staff members at the High School of Sports Management in Brooklyn, New York, began chatting with East Coast Conference Commissioner Bob Dranoff at a dinner that ultimately culminated with an agreement that has proven beneficial to both groups — and young students.

The small high school is predominantly populated by minorities, many of whom will be the first in their families to attend college. Representatives from East Coast Conference schools now gather at the high school every year to outline the educational and career opportunities that their institutions can offer.

East Coast Conference administrators visited the high school March 8, which marked the second annual event. While there, they engaged in panel discussions regarding the sport management field and how best to prepare for college and life as a college athletics administrator.

Though the program is in its infancy, students from the high school already have begun enrolling in East Coast Conference schools — including at least three at Daemen and one at Mercy this fall. Some even learned they were accepted to college during the event.

“I thought it would be a natural fit,” Dranoff says. “There was a mutual opportunity for (the students) to build relationships with schools in the New York metro area and for … our schools regarding recruiting and (gaining) staff members.”


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