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NCAA Outreach Program for First-Time Chancellors and Presidents

The goals of the program are to provide:

  1. Valuable NCAA-related information to first-time chancellors and presidents to familiarize them with college athletics and the NCAA;
  2. Resources and information that may help first-time chancellors and presidents assert appropriate institutional control over their athletics programs; and
  3. An opportunity to emphasize the importance of presidential participation in the NCAA and garner support for the NCAA's advocacy and reform agenda. 

Elements of the program.

Interested first-time chancellors and presidents at NCAA institutions may choose between participating in either a half-day on-campus visit or a two-hour educational session at the NCAA Convention.  Both provide an overview of the NCAA, touch on association-wide and division specific information as well as current issues facing intercollegiate athletics.  There is no cost to the first-time chancellors and presidents for participating in either program.

Available resources.

The NCAA provides each participant with a division specific “playbook.”  The playbook contains information related to presidential oversight, athletics finances, student-athlete benefits, NCAA conducted studies, NCAA services, division-specific information and the NCAA's strategic plan.

Contact Information.

For additional information about the Outreach Program for First-Time Chancellors and Presidents, or if you are a first-time chancellor or president at an NCAA member institution and are interested in the program, please contact Jeannie Ortiz (