Division I Academics

More than a decade into academic reform, Division I student-athletes continue to improve academically.  More student-athletes than ever are graduating, due in large part to enhanced eligibility standards and the success of the Division I Academic Performance Program.  Division I is committed to an intercollegiate athletics model which recognizes and supports the importance of the academic mission of its member schools.

Academic Performance Program

The Academic Performance Program (APP) is designed to ensure Division I student-athletes receive exemplary educational and intercollegiate-athletics experiences.  The APP encourages student-athlete graduation through a reward and penalty system directly tied to a team’s academic performance. The APP umbrella covers both the Academic Progress Rate (APR) and Graduation Success Rate (GSR). 

Graduation Rates

The Graduation Success Rate for Division I college athletes who entered school in 2008 climbed to 86 percent – two points over last year and the highest rate ever measured.

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The Division I Committee on Academics manages the division’s academic matters.  The Committee is chaired by a Division I president and reports directly to the Division I Board of Directors.

Division I Academic Eligibility

Student-Athletes are required to meet and maintain certain academic standards in order to practice and compete in Division I athletics.  The academic benchmarks that impact a student-athlete’s eligibility include initial-eligibility, two-year college transfer eligibility, and progress-toward-degree.

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Academic Primers

Academic Primers are designed as educational materials and are published regularly to highlight current issues and hot topics in Division I Academics.

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Webinars conducted by NCAA staff following meetings of the NCAA Division I Committee on Academics provide timely, practical education in areas of high membership interest and help the membership understand action taken by the committee.