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Trouble with Lists and Tables


Supposing we have an article or news story the has a part organized as such (this is happens):

  • First, I would like to say something rather long-winded. It begins with a thought that I think I think, or at least I thought I thought it.

    Of course I have slept since then so maybe it was all a dream I thought I thunk.

  • Second, is the step where we run into the most problems. If the universe could get second correct everything would be just dreamy, or like a dream. Not an actual dream though, this would be real.

    Still, we don't have an idea what second should be. At least not entierly.

  • Third, of course... Profit.

This is appropriate content formatted the way it should be, however the style sheets are set up in such a way that (I think):

  1. Both the <p> and the <li> make the font-size .9em so the <p> is shrinking the already shrunk <li> further.
  2. For some reason there is this odd space so the first <p> begins below the bullet, while it should start right next to it.
  3. For the Third item above I used this in-line style: <p style="font-size:1em; margin-top:0;"> to get this right. This is a dangerous way to fix a sloppy problem. (This also leaves too much space at the bottom, but space seem sliek common problem, look how litte space is next to the numbered bullet in this item!)

Another really abd side effect of how lists are set up is the use of ordered lists.

not only do things start looking bad once you hit double numbers:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four
  5. Five
  6. Six
  7. Seven
  8. Eight
  9. Nine
  10. Ten is colliding with 10
  11. Eleven...

But if the lists are not numbers butare rather alpha you get numbers on top of letters (ooops).

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Gamma

This is becuase for whatever reason someone thought to style ordered lists using something along the lines of:

ol li:before {
        content: counter(item, decimal);
        counter-increment: item;

Which totally interferes with <ol><li>'s perfectly acceptable means of numbering list items that is alread built in. (and isn't even well implemented (see 10 above)).


// Using somthing like this //
 <style scoped="" type="text/css">
	table {
	    margin: 1.5em 0;
	    border-bottom: 1pt solid #eee; 
	tr:nth-child(odd) { 
	    background-color: #e8f2f7; 
        th.localth { 
	    text-align: left; 
	    padding: .5em; 
	    background-color: #444; 
	    color: #ccc; 
	    font-size: .8em; 
        td.localtd { 
	    padding: .5em; 
	    font-size: .8em; 

Tables should look like this:

Dates Meetings/Championships Location
July 17-19 Postgraduate Scholarship Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
July 18-20 National SAAC Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
July 21-22 Management Council Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
August 6 Presidents Advisory Group Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
August 7 Presidents Council Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
September 7-8 Championships Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
September 16 Nominating Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
September 21-23 Committee on Women's Athletics Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
September 21-23 Minority Opportunities and Interest Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
September 25-26 Interpretations and Legislation Committee Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana
Chuck Boland Howard Payne Charles Brown The Behrend College
Les Canterbury University of Redlands Lynda Cochran The College at Brockport
Keith Cooper Pacific Lutheran Fritz Detwiler Adrian College
David Dunbar Cabrini College Annamaria Elsden Buena Vista University
Erica Fradinger Whittier College Jeb Gorham Southern Vermont College
Andrew Goyke Northland College Lauralee Guilbalt Alverno College
Michael Hanna Rensselear Polytechnic Greg Hayton North Central University
Judy Hopp UW, Stout Marybeth Lennox Castleton State College
William Lowe Southern Virginia Deon Miles Sewanee
Jeff Owen Gustavus Adolphus Pamela Propson DePauw University
Kate Queeney Smith College Gordon Schmidt William Paterson
Catherine Sherron Thomas More College Traci Stark Heidleberg University
A. Wagstaff-Cunningham Hiram College Sharianne Walker Western New England
Jonathan Watson Manchester University