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(Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations and Learning of Students in college)

Summary of Initial Findings from the NCAA GOALS Study (January 2016)

GOALS Slides from 2016 NCAA Convention

Time Management: What Division I Student-Athletes Should Expect

GOALS is an NCAA study of the experiences and well-being of current student-athletes.  Previous versions of the study (2006 and 2010) provided NCAA committees, policymakers and member institutions with the most detailed information to date on a range of important issues.

Respondents provide information on important topics regarding their lives as student-athletes. The current GOALS survey covered the following general topics:

  • College athletics experience
  • College academic experience
  • College social experience
  • Recruitment
  • Health and well-being
  • Time commitments
  • On-campus support
  • Finances
  • Opportunity to provide open-ended comments

A number of items have been repeated across the three administrations of the survey, allowing for trends to be examined.  New items in the current study include questions on youth sports participation, parental aspirations, burnout, involvement/interest in study abroad and internships, and athletic department programming desired. Approximately 21,000 surveys were returned from nearly 600 schools across Divisions I, II and III.  

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