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Graduation Rates

Graduation rates are based on the IPEDS-GRS, which is defined as a six-year proportion of those student-athletes who graduated versus those who entered an institution on institutional aid.

By including the student-athletes in the IPEDS-GRS, the NCAA GSR data differs from IPEDS data in two important ways. First, the GSR data accounts for those student-athletes who transfer into an institution.  Second, the GSR discounts student-athletes who separate from the institution and would have been academically eligible to compete had they returned.

The Division II Academic Success Rate (ASR) also includes freshmen who did not receive athletics aid, but did participate in athletics. All member institutions are required to report graduation rates for their student body; those institutions offering athletics aid are required to report for their student-athletes. Division I members, as well as those institutions having multi-divisional sports, must also provide their GSR; Division II members must also provide their ASR. Data for the graduation rates/GSR/ASR will be collected each spring.

Division I Graduation Success Rate:

Division II Academic Success Rate:

Division III Graduation Rates:

Federal Graduation Rates: