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GOALS Study (Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations and Learning of Students in college)

The GOALS study is used by NCAA policymakers and member institutions to study the experiences of student-athletes across all sports and NCAA divisions. It also will provide objective and attitudinal data from student-athletes on possible academic and social trade-offs and sacrifices they have made in order to participate in collegiate athletics.

Respondents provided information on important topics regarding their lives as student-athletes that included:

  • Academic engagement and success;
  • Athletics experiences;
  • Social experiences and integration;
  • Career aspirations;
  • Physical and mental health and well-being;
  • Campus and team climate, and
  • Time commitments.

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GOALS 2015 Study

The GOALS survey will again be conducted in the fall semester of 2015.  Materials will be posted soon.

GOALS 2010 Study

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