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Gallup Study: Life Outcomes of Former Student-Athletes

The NCAA commissioned Gallup to interview 1,670 former NCAA student-athletes about their college experiences and current well-being, and compare the responses to those of nearly 23,000 non-student-athletes graduating from the same colleges.  In a report released in February 2016, Gallup found that former student-athletes rated higher than other college graduates in four out of the five elements of post-collegiate well-being that Gallup studied (purpose, social, community and physical well-being). In the fifth element, financial well-being, former student-athletes were thriving at similar levels to their non-student-athlete peers.  Among student-athletes, women stood out vs. non-student-athletes in employment rates and workplace engagement, while men who played football or basketball in college rated higher than all others on measures of purpose and community well-being.  Former student-athletes reported feeling more connected to faculty members while in college and participating in more extracurricular activities.

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