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Women's Basketball Selections 101 - Committee

Meet the Committee

Terry Gawlik

Committee chair and senior associate director of athletics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Gawlik’s committee term began in 2012. She succeeded Chris Dawson, associate commissioner at the Pac-12 Conference as chair on September 1, 2016.

Other Committee Members Include:

  • Rhonda Bennett, senior associate athletics director/SWA, University of Nevada
  • Jill Bodensteiner, senior associate athletics director, University of Notre Dame
  • DeJuena Chizer, senior associate athletics director/SWA, University of Houston
  • Leslie Claybrook, assistant commissioner, Southeastern Conference
  • Mary Ellen Gillespie, athletics director, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
  • Tamica Smith Jones, director of athletics, University of California, Riverside
  • Teresa Phillips, director of athletics, Tennessee State University
  • Deborah Richardson, senior associate commissioner, Atlantic 10 Conference
  • Diane C. Turnham, senior associate athletics director, Middle Tennessee State University

What's the Committee's Role?

The 10-member NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championship Sport Committee is responsible for selecting and seeding the NCAA Tournament. School and conference administrators are nominated by their conference, serve five-year terms and represent a cross-section of the Division I membership.

Committee members spend countless hours evaluating teams during the regular season. They are expected to be experts on the teams within their assigned regions while maintaining a broad-based knowledge of Division I basketball.



Committee summer meeting allows for discussions related to the upcoming basketball season, which begins in November. Championship policy decisions are made during this time, meetings with stakeholders take place and primary/secondary conference assignments are divided among committee members so person can focus on monitoring assigned teams throughout the season.


Committee members gather at site of NCAA Convention to begin in-depth team discussions.  Members come out of this meeting with a lengthy list of teams to monitor more closely over the final two months of the season.


Committee gathers and begins discussions for the upcoming basketball season, which begins about the same time. Conference assignments are divided among committee members so person can focus on monitoring assigned teams throughout the season.


Committee members meet in Indianapolis for a committee orientation meeting to review the selection, seeding and bracketing technology available to them as well as having a thorough discussion of teams. This is one of many conversations the group will have to offer opinions until they meet in person for selections.

Friday Before Selection Monday

The committee arrives in Indianapolis for the beginning of the selection process. For the next four days, the 10 committee members debate, vote, and debate some more until the final bracket of 64 is released on Selection Monday.

Did You Know?

Conference representatives cannot be in the room when teams from their conference are being discussed for inclusion, let alone being allowed to vote for them. Same goes for a school representative, who cannot participate in or vote for their own school.

Committee members are assigned “primary” and “secondary” conferences to monitor throughout the season.