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Basketball preliminary rounds continue to be hosted in arenas and domes

The media has inaccurately reported that the Division I Men's Basketball Championship will no longer play regional semifinal and final games in domes. Staff should be aware that, in the future, regional games will be played at both domes and arenas.

In the past, the Division I Men's Basketball Committee awarded a regional site to a venue the year before it was to host the Final Four. This practice ensured the site would be prepared to host the event. Because Final Fours are often played in domes venues, it is common for at least one regional site to be at a dome.

The committee recently decided it will no longer mandate that a city host a regional game the year before hosting a Final Four, so long as the competition venue has previously served as a Final Four site. The new policy will provide more flexibility in the championship bid process. It is likely that first-time Final Four venues will continue to host regional competition to prepare for the Final Four the following year.

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