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Southwest Baptist University head coach commits violations

Southwest Baptist University’s head men’s basketball coach committed recruiting violations and failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance, according to findings by the NCAA Division II Committee on Infractions. Penalties include one year of probation, multiple recruiting limitations, scholarship reductions and a suspension for the head coach for two conference games.  

This case was resolved through the summary disposition process, a cooperative effort where the involved parties collectively submit the case to the Committee on Infractions in written form. The NCAA enforcement staff, university and involved individuals must agree to the facts of the case in order for this process to be utilized instead of having a formal hearing.

The head coach sent 472 impermissible text messages to 29 prospective student-athletes and the parents of two prospective student-athletes. The head coach acknowledged he knew the rule and gained a recruiting advantage by texting the prospects. It was a significant concern to the Committee that the head coach had a previous violation regarding text messaging, been educated on the topic, knew it was impermissible, and still chose to commit the violations. The head coach’s actions resulted in a failure to promote an atmosphere for compliance in the men’s basketball program.

Penalties include:

  • Public reprimand and censure.
  • One year of probation from May 23, 2012 through May 22, 2013.
  • A coaching suspension for the first two conference games of the 2012-13 men’s basketball season for the head coach.
  • Removal of texting privileges from the head coach’s phone during the 2011-12 academic year (self-imposed by the university).
  • Participation by the head coach in ethics training within 60 days of the release of the infractions report and an NCAA Regional Rules Seminar.
  • Reduction of allowable men’s basketball scholarships from 10 to eight scholarships for the 2012-13 year.
  • Prohibition from any on-campus recruiting activities for a 12-week period and elimination of off-campus recruiting activities for six months, beginning August 1, 2011, for all men’s basketball coaching staff. (self-imposed by the university)
  • Suspension of all official visits for the 2011-12 academic year (self-imposed by the university).
  • The men’s basketball staff may not send or respond to any text messages during the one-year probation.

The members of the Division II Committee on Infractions who reviewed this case include Bridget Lyons, chair and senior associate director of athletics, Barry University; Julie Rochester, faculty athletic representative and associate professor for Northern Michigan University; Carey Snyder, associate director of athletics at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania; and Harry O. Stinson III, assistant athletic director of compliance at Kentucky State University. 

Read the public report here.