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NCAA response to amended Paterno complaint

Today, the estate of the late Coach Joe Paterno and other plaintiffs filed an amended complaint in their ongoing legal challenge to the Consent Decree between the NCAA and Penn State arising out of the Sandusky matter.  The new complaint repeats many of the same baseless allegations from the previous complaint, and adds Penn State as a defendant, in light of the trial court’s decision last month that they could not seek to invalidate the Consent Decree without suing Penn State.  The NCAA’s Chief Legal Officer, Donald Remy, said “It should be clear what the plaintiffs have just done.  They have sued the very school they say they want to protect, asking for relief that Penn State itself has not sought.  This is yet another step backwards and against all of the well-intentioned people who have made so much progress advancing the best interest of the University and its community in moving past the tragic Sandusky story."   The NCAA remains committed to vigorously defending this lawsuit and upholding the Consent Decree.