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NCAA recognizes Division I academic achievement


Six of the 2013-14 National Champion teams have been awarded Public Recognition Awards.

  • University of Georgia women’s swimming and diving
  • University of Colorado men’s cross country
  • University of Connecticut women’s field hockey
  • University of Oklahoma women’s gymnastics
  • University of Notre Dame men’s soccer
  • Providence College women's cross country
  • Loyola University Chicago men’s volleyball team

The following conferences had the most teams receiving awards this year:

  • Ivy League (117)
  • Patriot League (94)
  • Atlantic Coast Conference (77)
  • Big Ten Conference (66)

The following schools had the most teams receive awards this year:

  • Dartmouth College (26)
  • Brown University (22)
  • Bucknell University (21)

More than 1,000 Division I sports teams are being honored by the NCAA for top scores in the classroom. 

Based on their most recent multi-year Academic Progress Rate, these teams have earned NCAA Public Recognition Awards for posting scores in the top 10 percent of their sport.

APRs for all Division I teams will be released May 14. The APR is an annual scorecard of academic achievement calculated for all Division I sports teams nationally. Teams must meet a certain academic threshold to qualify for the postseason, and they also can face penalties for continued low academic performance.

The 1,049 teams publicly recognized for high achievement represent 631 women’s teams and 418 men’s or mixed squads. In 2013, 976 teams were recognized.

The scores required to be in the top ten ranged from 980 to a perfect 1,000, depending on the sport, with the majority of top 10 teams earning a perfect APR.

“Each year, more and more teams are achieving perfect APR scores,” said NCAA president Mark Emmert. “We are proud of our member schools’ commitment to providing tremendous opportunities for student-athletes so they can succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in life.”

While the spring championship season is still ongoing, six NCAA national champions from the 2013-14 season are already included in this year’s award list:

University of Georgia women’s swimming and diving; University of Colorado men’s cross country; Providence College women’s cross country; University of Connecticut women’s field hockey; Oklahoma University’s women’s gymnastics; and University of Notre Dame men’s soccer.

A total of 275 Division I schools (and seven in other divisions who have a sport competing in Division I) placed at least one team on the top APR list, up 19 from last year.

Dartmouth College had the most teams (26 of 28) recognized, followed by Brown University (22 of 31) and Bucknell University (21 of 27). The conferences with the most teams receiving recognition are the Ivy League (117), Patriot League (94), Atlantic Coast Conference (77) and Big Ten Conference (66).

The APR measures eligibility, graduation and retention each semester or quarter and provides a clear picture of the academic performance for each team in each sport.

The most recent APRs are multi-year rates based on scores from the 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-2012 and 2012-13 academic years.

Click here for the list of 146 teams that have earned Public Recognition Awards every year.


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