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NCAA files motion in Corman Case

Three weeks ago the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court declined to dismiss the claims asserted by State Senator Corman and State Treasurer McCord against the NCAA concerning the $60 million fine imposed upon Penn State under the Consent Decree.  

Today, the  to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.  

The Commonwealth Court’s decision addressed important threshold matters, including whether the case can continue without Penn State’s participation and whether Senator Corman and Treasurer McCord even have the authority under Pennsylvania law to bring an action of this nature.  Although the Commonwealth Court determined that the case can move forward at this time, the Court’s President Judge disagreed and would have dismissed this case.  The NCAA is therefore seeking to appeal this decision immediately so that these important threshold issues can be fully resolved before further consideration of the case.

“As today’s filing indicates, the NCAA will continue to contest the effort by Senator Corman and State Treasurer McCord to interfere with the Consent Decree between the NCAA and Penn State,” said NCAA Chief Legal Officer Donald Remy.  “This case is fatally flawed because it has been brought by the wrong parties, would determine Penn State’s rights without its participation, and needlessly delays funds for child abuse prevention programs nationally.”