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NCAA announces latest Division I certification decision

The NCAA Division I Committee on Institutional Performance (formerly the NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification) announced a decision today concerning the status of one member in the division’s former athletics certification process.  A certified designation denotes that a member operates its athletics program in compliance with operating principles adopted by the Division I membership.

The following member was certified:

  • University of Hawaii, Manoa.

This cycle represents the last certification started before a moratorium was placed on the program in April 2011 by the Division I Board of Directors.  As part of that moratorium, the Board of Directors requested that the committee evaluate the program to reduce the burden on institutions, increase cost-effectiveness and improve the overall value, and focus the program on the student-athlete experience.

Legislation mandating certification was adopted for all active Division I schools in 1993 to ensure the integrity of each member’s athletics program, while assisting institutions with improvements when necessary.

In order to complete the certification process before the moratorium, each member finished a self-study led by an institution’s president or chancellor.  In addition, members completed a review of these primary components: governance and commitment to rules compliance; academic integrity; gender/diversity issues and student-athlete well-being.  Each member completed a self-study at least once every 10 years.

The Division I Committee on Institutional Performance preliminarily reviews a member’s self-study report and identifies areas of concern.  Then, the university or college resolves the identified issues before a final certification decision is rendered.  A member’s failure to satisfactorily respond to the committee may negatively impact certification status.

The certification process is separate from the NCAA’s enforcement program, which investigates allegations of rules violations by NCAA member institutions.  Certification does not exempt an institution from concurrent or subsequent enforcement proceedings.

The NCAA Committee on Infractions may ask the Committee on Institutional Performance to review an institution’s certification status as a result of a completed infractions case.

The members of the Committee on Institutional Performance are: Henry Brooks, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore; Janet Cone, University of North Carolina, Asheville; Beth DeBauche, Ohio Valley Conference; David DeCenzo, Coastal Carolina University; John M. Dunn, Western Michigan University; Richard Ensor, Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference; Tracey Flynn, Quinnipiac University; Joanne Glasser (chair), Bradley University; Angela Johnson “A.J.” Grube, Western Carolina University; Dianne Harrison, California State University, Northridge; Chris Hawthorne, University of Minnesota; George Haynes, Montana State University, Bozeman; Nina King, Duke University; Gary Overton, East Carolina University; William Perry, Eastern Illinois University; Angie Petrovic, University of Dayton; Tricia Turley Brandenburg, Towson University; Judy Van Horn, University of South Carolina; and C. Kurt Zorn, Indiana University.