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Likeness case proceeds to a jury trial

Statement by Donald Remy, NCAA chief legal officer.

Today, a federal court in Oakland, California rejected motions by both sides in the O’Bannon litigation that would end the case short of trial.  The court said a jury, not the judge, should decide this case.  We have confidence in the legal merits of our case and look forward to presenting it at trial.  In the meantime, we are evaluating our legal options with respect to the decision.  The model we have today enables nearly half a million student-athletes at over a thousand schools to compete on the playing field while getting a college degree.

The NCAA disagrees with the Court’s decision that it is a not a legitimate justification for the NCAA to look out for the interests of women’s sports and other men’s sports.  The NCAA values and prioritizes all of its student-athletes regardless of whether their sport brings in revenue.  The NCAA and member schools are committed to addressing areas for improvement in the current system, but efforts to twist legitimate concerns about the current system into a rationale for paying student-athletes would do far more harm than good and would severely diminish the opportunities for academic and athletic achievement student-athletes benefit from today.


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