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Judge denies plaintiffs’ certification of damages class

Judge Wilken entered the attached order in the student-athlete name and likeness lawsuit denying plaintiffs’ motion to certify a class for damages. This means that plaintiffs’ counsel may not pursue their class damages theories asking for a significant portion of live broadcast revenue from Division I men’s basketball and football games or for other class monetary damages. The judge’s ruling would allow for an individual to pursue an individual claim for monetary damages, but the NCAA believes such claims would not be properly directed against the NCAA. The NCAA will continue to defend against the remaining and equally flawed claims in the case.

We have long maintained that the plaintiffs in this matter are wrong on the facts and wrong on the law. This ruling is one step closer to validating that position. We are pleased that the Court correctly found that conducting a class-wide trial for claimed damages for student-athletes who played college football and men’s basketball going back nearly a decade would be completely unmanageable and unprecedented. The plaintiffs in this case were seeking substantial damages based on erroneous theories for maintaining a class. The Court correctly removed these claims from this case.” – Donald Remy, NCAA chief legal officer