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Former Loyola University Chicago mens soccer student-athlete face reprimands

Three former student-athletes at Loyola University Chicago are being publicly reprimanded and face other penalties for misconduct during the 2011 Division I Men’s Soccer Championship.

The Division I Men’s Soccer Committee issued public reprimands and levied other penalties for former Loyola University Chicago men’s soccer student-athletes Eric Warren, Eric Marofske and Justin Koehler for misconduct involving behavior toward officials during this year’s championship.

Specifically, Warren charged a referee and physically placed his hands on the official and pushed him in protest of a call made against him, the committee said.

Marofske verbally abused and had to be restrained from approaching a referee during the contest, while Koehler engaged in misconduct following the match by verbally abusing a referee, which led to him being issued a red card at that time.

In addition to issuing public reprimands, the committee is withholding transportation expenses and championship per diems for all three student-athletes. The committee noted that all three student-athletes would have faced a one-game NCAA championship suspension for their next NCAA tournament game opportunity if they had remaining eligibility.

“The unsportsmanlike actions displayed by these student-athletes cannot be tolerated by the men’s soccer committee,” said Al Albert, chair of the Division I Men’s Soccer Committee and associate athletic director of development at the College of William and Mary. “We believe the championship is discredited by these types of behaviors and we expect all the student-athletes to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the championship.”