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Carson-Newman University men’s soccer student-athletes reprimanded for misconduct

A public reprimand and certain penalties have been issued for Carson-Newman University men’s soccer student-athletes Matheus Bachi, Joao Pedro Dowsley, and Rurik Pereira for misconduct during the 2013 NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer Championship. The team administrator Wayne Harvey was also issued a public reprimand for misconduct during the game.

Dowsley fouled an opponent during the game by charging him directly in the chest and started an on-field fight which resulted in a red card.

The committee found Bachi also participated in the fight when he punched an opponent in the face. Bachi also received a red card for fighting.

Pereira shoved an opponent who had engaged in a verbal confrontation with Bachi. He also attempted to lead with his knee into the back of an opponent.

Harvey was found to have addressed a national committee member in an unprofessional manner near the end of the championship game.

“The committee was extremely disappointed in the behavior of these student-athletes and this administrator,” said Angela Pohl, chair of the NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer Committee and senior women administrator and associate athletic director at Saginaw Valley State University.           “While we understand the emotion and intensity of our student-athletes and coaches at championships, we expect them to display good sportsmanship.”