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Wisconsin-Stout Recognized as December Diversity Spotlight Recipient

The school is being recognized for creating a leadership development program for women

The University of Wisconsin Stout’s athletic department seeks to be more inclusive and to create welcoming establishments of learning for their student-athletes. They have created the first-ever Women in Leadership Development (W.I.L.D) Woman Program, which earned the school this month’s Diversity Spotlight Award. W.I.L.D Woman is a program that serves as an outlet for current female student-athletes. The program creates awareness of Title IX issues, and also serves as a platform to voice thoughts, concerns, frustrations and emotional feelings to the females of the Blue Devil family.  

This group meets monthly in order to ensure comfort throughout the academic year. Privacy is of the highest priority with the W.I.L.D. program. Administrators want to ensure the program is a safe space for their female student-athletes to grow and develop as young adults. Lashanda Worthy, assistant to the director of athletics, serves as the program facilitator and provides guest speakers who cover a variety of topics such as positive self-image, health awareness, healthy relationships, life after collegiate athletics, mental well-being and career development.

The University of Wisconsin Stout W.I.L.D Woman’s overall goal is for each student-athlete to self-reflect, inspire others and develop into strong independent, successful women. In addition W.I.L.D Woman is promoting the initiative called “Game Changers” by creating a cultural atmosphere of respect regardless of background, class, gender, race, or sexual orientation. It  is gaining strong support throughout the campus, athletics and the Blue Devil community. W.I.L.D Woman has fostered the idea of respecting all people no matter who you are or where you come from; everyone’s dreams are valid.

W.I.L.D Woman is committed to Title IX and it is a priority of W.I.L.D. Woman to improve awareness, climate enhancement, recruitment, retention and skill building. W.I.L.D. Woman seeks to expand outreach and support for students, faculty and staff. The University of Wisconsin Stout embodies generations of strength and inspiration; they are a champion of inclusion, which is why they are this month’s Diversity Spotlight recipient.