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Statement on Supreme Court of Pennsylvania filing

“The NCAA today requested the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to prohibit the Commonwealth Court from requiring the parties to continue litigation they have attempted to end.  The state officials who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit initially sued only to compel the NCAA and Penn State to comply with the Endowment Act. To accelerate the aid to victims, both Penn State and the NCAA have agreed to comply with the law and thereby free the $60 million intended to benefit the victims of child sexual abuse to be paid immediately. The parties, including the state officials, believed that such agreement resolved both the dispute and the case. However, the Commonwealth Court in an unprecedented manner and without request from any party, rejected those efforts and ordered continued litigation, including a trial. Our filing is a remedy provided by Pennsylvania law when a party believes that the lower Court has exceeded its jurisdiction and/or abused its discretion. Our legal basis is clearly set forth in our filing with the Supreme Court, and we do not intend to comment further.”

Download: Application for Writ of Prohibition (pdf)