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St. Thomas (Minnesota) receives reprimand

Action stems from misconduct by 3 student-athletes in DIII men's soccer tournament

St. Thomas (Minnesota) has received a public reprimand after misconduct by student-athletes in the sectional final competition of the 2017 NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer Championship in Chicago. 

Student-athletes Shae Bottum, Pierce Erickson and Tyler Oliver were cited for unsportsmanlike behavior for profane and abusive language toward the referees during and after their soccer game Nov. 19. The committee issued a public reprimand for the three student-athletes.

The committee also accepted the penalties levied by St. Thomas on the men’s soccer program and appreciated the school’s response and accountability regarding the student-athletes’ actions. 

“The committee was disappointed in the unsportsmanlike behavior exhibited by the St. Thomas soccer student-athletes in question at the sectional final and believes the championship should not be tarnished by their actions,” said Brandon Bianco, chair of the NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer Committee and head men’s soccer coach at Case Western Reserve. “The committee understands student-athletes may experience frustrations during competition, but those frustrations cannot lead to unsportsmanlike behavior.”

The committee reviewed the red card report, referee reports, feedback from the NCAA site representative and the institution’s written response in rendering its decision. NCAA guidelines define misconduct as an act of dishonesty, unsportsmanlike conduct, unprofessional behavior or breach of law occurring from the time the championship field is announced through the end of the championship that discredits the event or intercollegiate athletics.