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PROP to stress one-year delay for financial, facility changes

By Greg Johnson

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel decided Wednesday that it will issue a directive to all sports playing rules committees to strongly consider a one-year delay when making changes that have a financial or facility impact, particularly for Division II and III schools.

Additionally, PROP decided the timing of such proposals should be considered, and it will encourage committees to propose such changes during the non-change year if possible.

PROP, which held its annual in-person meeting Wednesday at the NCAA Convention in San Diego, received letters in October from the Management Councils and Championships Committees in Divisions II and III that requested a mandatory one-year delay to provide schools with notice and the opportunity to comply with those types of rules changes.

PROP members did not feel a mandatory one-year delay was necessary since it has implemented delays for these reasons in the past.

Changes that impact student-athlete safety will continue to be made without delay.