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PROP approves experimental instant replay challenges in women’s volleyball

The Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences can utilize the rule in conference matches only

Instant replay reviews are coming to women’s volleyball on an experimental basis.

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved an instant replay challenge rule for the 2015 season during a conference call on Wednesday. The Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences will be allowed to use the experimental rule in conference matches only, provided that a school has the necessary equipment and personnel to utilize the rule.

Schools in the participating conferences will not be required to purchase new equipment, and there will not be a minimum requirement for the number of cameras used during each match.

Coaches will be permitted three challenges per match, and those challenges will have no effect on the number of allowed timeouts a team has remaining. The challenge must be lodged immediately following the rally and before the first referee’s arm is extended to start the service for the next point.

Only one challenge per rally will be allowed.

Coaches will be allowed to request instant replay challenges only to review these instances:

  • If the ball landed in or out.
  • If the ball made contact with a player.
  • If a net violation occurred.
  • Foot faults on a serve.

Given the increased availability of technology, the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules Committee believes the experimental rule will allow officials another avenue to make the correct call.

Schools implementing the experimental rule will be required to submit extensive data to the NCAA Women’s Volleyball Rules Committee at the conclusion of the season.