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NCAA hosts over 200 student-athletes at leadership forum in Orlando

More than 200 NCAA student-athletes representing all sports and various campus academic departments are meeting in Orlando this week for the annual NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum.  The conference will be held April 9-12.

The NCAA leadership development and governance groups at the national office collaborate to host the forum, along with the 70 athletics administrators from colleges and universities.  

“The Student-Athlete Leadership Forum is an excellent way to provide student-athletes with a non-traditional form of education that centers on developing them as leaders in their communities and on their campuses, and it ultimately prepares them for life after their collegiate playing days are over,” said Curtis J. Hollomon, NCAA director of leadership development.    “Providing student-athletes with the opportunity to learn about the NCAA, to interact with their peers on a national level, and to give back to a community is a key way we can enhance the student-athlete experience and make it even more meaningful to these leaders.  It also provides a pipeline when the leaders return to campus and share what they learned at the forum.”

During the forum, the student-athletes will be separated into small teams for projects and discussions.  The athletics administrators lead the teams each day and spur conversations that will help the student-athletes with analytical thinking and ways to address any topics and concerns they may have on issues that impact them on their campuses.   The student-athletes are encouraged to share their knowledge with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committees on their campuses.  SAAC is the voice of the student-athlete body within the NCAA governance structure.   SAAC members sit on NCAA committees and provide feedback from a student-athlete perspective on various topics and issues.

During the forum, the student-athletes will learn more about NCAA governance structures and how committees work and make membership decisions.   They’ll also learn more about SAAC and how impactful they can be at the national, campus and conference levels.  Additionally, the student-athletes will also participate in a community service project that will benefit Orlando’s Community Food and Outreach Center.