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NCAA appeals committee vacates violations, penalty for former prep coach

Download the committee report for former prep school coach in Southern Mississippi case .

A former prep school coach named in The University of Southern Mississippi infractions case will not have to serve a two-year show-cause order because the NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee vacated the finding of a violation against him.

In the Division I Committee on Infractions’ decision, the panel found that the former prep school coach did not cooperate with the investigation because he did not provide requested bank records to the NCAA enforcement staff.

In his appeal, the former prep school coach argued that the findings of violation against him, as well as the two-year show-cause penalty, should be set aside.

In its decision, the Infractions Appeals Committee noted that the bank record in question was a joint account held by the former prep coach and his wife. His wife objected to turning over bank records to the NCAA. Additionally, the alternatives provided by the enforcement staff did not address the privacy concerns of the former prep coach’s wife or the imposition that would be caused by him providing the records.

The committee noted that requiring the former prep school coach to provide records for multiple individuals to review over the objection of his wife, who is not subject to NCAA rules, but whose privacy would be breached, imposed a substantial obstacle to his compliance with that request.

The committee found the facts of this case show it is unreasonably burdensome to require the former prep school coach to turn over joint account records over the objection of his wife. It noted the coach complied with all other requests, including submitting to two interviews and provision of telephone records. As a result, the committee vacated the finding of violation and the two-year show-cause order.

The members of the Infractions Appeals Committee who heard this case were David Williams, committee chair and vice chancellor for university affairs and athletics and athletics director at Vanderbilt University; Ellen Ferris, associate commissioner for governance and compliance at the American Athletic Conference; W. Anthony Jenkins, attorney in private practice; and Patti Ohlendorf, vice president for legal affairs at the University of Texas at Austin.